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When will you find love you can find the answers here. 

What is love top secrets and tips

Love for some people is probably one of the most complex things on earth. They often consider it a major mystery, that can only be tackled by emotional quarter backs and supermen.

I wouldn’t blame them for coming to that Conclusion. Some have gone trough enough emotional trauma, and emotional puzzles, in search of the answer to the ultimate question; what is love?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be fully answered in theory alone. In fact it is best answered practically; or rather by experience.

For those who are fortunate enough to experience love, they would agree with me, that it is an experience worth having, even if briefly. It is one of a kind. Simply put; love is love. It has no substitute.

 What is love? Is a question most people ask but I believe the real question here is; what is true love? True love, pure love, real love, whatever you want to call it, is something that can only be felt. To try explain or describe the feeling accurately, is impossible.

We can only prepare our hearts the best we can, in case we experience it.  Falling in love is not something you plan for, or try to comprehend. You simply
experience it with your whole being, without fear and enjoy it to the fullest.

So stop bothering yourself analyzing, and wondering what is love.

Top secrets and answers to what is dating.

What is dating? and the secrets of a successful date. How can you find the perfect date?

Thankfully dating doesn’t always have to do with love. This little respite usually saves most first time daters, from being too nervous or uncomfortable during their date.

Dating can be a lot of fun. A really enjoyable experience. Unfortunately for some daters, they have a hard time finding a suitable date, prompting them to try to understand, what is dating in the first place.

is never an end, it is only a beginning. Call it a pleasant trial if you will. A time to analyze your real feelings about each other, and decide whether or not to take your relationship to a higher level, or quit right there.

What is love? Or is this love? Should be a major question on your mind when dating
. But try to go with the flow, explore, enjoy, discover, and decide. That is how to answer the ultimate question; what is dating?


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